Benefits of 3D Printing in the Product Design Cycle

product design cycle

The time it takes to bring a product to market is a major key to profitability for a product manufacturer. Traditionally, after the conceptual stage for a product has been established, much time and cost are associated with the remaining phases of the product design cycle. The main phases are: The most expensive and time-consuming … Read more

Future Trends In 3D Printing

future trend 3d printing

Many people are aware of 3D printing, because they have seen advertisements on TV or on the web. The naïve mentality attached to 3D printing suggests that this novel technology enables a person to download and print plastic parts such as toys, telephone cases, coffee mugs, jewellery and similar objects at home. There are many … Read more

Online Software and 3D Printing Future

3d printing online software

If you type the phrase “Online 3D printing software” into an online search engine such as Google® or Yahoo®, a myriad of responses will come up. Without a doubt, 3D printing has become very popular within the CAD-driven community as well as in the non-technical community. Previously, the market for 3D printers belonged to 3D … Read more

Bioprinting of Tissues and Organs: A Promising Future for Regenerative Medicine

3D printing of human tissue

Bioprinting Tissues and Organs: Reimagining Regenerative Medicine The human body is an intricate machine, and the consequences can be devastating when parts malfunction or wear down. Traditionally, organ failure has meant limited treatment options, often relying on organ transplants or prosthetics. However, a revolutionary technology called bioprinting of tissues and organs is emerging, offering a … Read more

Traditional Manufacturing Replaced By 3D Printing

3d printting traditional

Unquestionably, Additive Manufacturing, known as 3D printing, has made an amazing inroad or encroachment on traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printing has several advantages over traditional manufacturing, such as reduced cost, reduced transport costs, shorter time to market, and rapid prototyping during the product development cycle. The following list highlights products that have been manufactured with … Read more

Robotics and 3D Printing

3d printing and robots 1

Robotics is a rapidly growing field in engineering and manufacturing, and many useful robotic devices which mimic human behavior are emerging. It may be worthwhile to mention a few of these emerging robotic devices. Another field of robotics, termed “soft robotics” is benefiting tremendously from 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing). Soft robotics is the type of … Read more

Environmental Impacts of 3D Printing

3d printing Green 1

It is no secret that 3D printing, also called AM (Additive Manufacturing), has revolutionized the manufacturing industry because 3D printing provides several advantages and benefits over conventional manufacturing methods. A brief list highlights what some of these benefits are: Some of the advantages listed have to do with (a) reduced industrial waste, (b) less energy … Read more

3D Printing and Scalability

3d printing scalibility

Additive Manufacturing, implemented as 3D printing, has taken the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) by storm, and rightfully so, for several reasons. 3D printing provides these significant benefits: There are still some hurdles to be cleared before 3D printing competes in all areas of traditional manufacturing. Two of these hurdles are: These hurdles are being cleared, albeit … Read more