Future Trends In 3D Printing

Many people are aware of 3D printing, because they have seen advertisements on TV or on the web. The naïve mentality attached to 3D printing suggests that this novel technology enables a person to download and print plastic parts such as toys, telephone cases, coffee mugs, jewelry and similar objects at home. There are many … Read more

Online Software and 3D Printing Future

If you type the phrase “Online 3D printing software” into an online search engine such as Google® or Yahoo®, a myriad of responses will come up. Without doubt, 3D printing has become very popular within the CAD-driven community as well as in the non-technical community. Previously, the market for 3D printers belonged to 3D Systems® … Read more

3D Printing Of Functional Human Tissues Become A Reality

Imagine what the implications would be if many diseased or non-functioning human body parts could be replaced without using implant surgery or prostheses, but by using manufactured body parts.  It would mean that: Life expectancy will increase substantially, and even accidental death due to damage to body parts could be significantly reduced. Celebrities and entertainers … Read more

Traditional Manufacturing Replaced By 3D Printing

Unquestionably, Additive Manufacturing, known as 3D printing, has made an amazing inroad or encroachment on traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printing has several advantages over traditional manufacturing such as reduced cost, reduced transport costs, shorter time to market, and rapid prototyping during product development cycle. The following list highlights products which have been manufactured with 3D … Read more

3D Printing and Scalability

Additive Manufacturing, implemented as 3D printing, has taken the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) by storm, and rightfully so, for several reasons. 3D printing provides these significant benefits: Rapid Prototyping, which shortens the product development cycle, reduces waste, andreduces the time to market. Better inventory management and logistics. Products can be printed on demand almost anywhere, and the … Read more

Outsource 3D Printing CAD File Creation Services

3Dmatic is a Australian provider of CAD services support for mechanical, structural, architectural and civil engineering verticals. Our team of CAD experts includes more than 80 full-time employees that include experienced engineers and certified CAD drafters. 3D printing file creation services supplied by 3Dmatic help both individuals and 3D printing companies to cut model-building time … Read more

3D Printers 21st Century CAD

3D printing is in a lot of demand because of the widespread use it offers. If you are not familiar with what 3D printing is all about, here is a wrap up of some of the main dynamics that define the use and principle behind 3D printing. What Is 3D Printing? 3D printing basically refers … Read more