Benefits of 3D Printing in the Product Design Cycle

product design cycle

The time it takes to bring a product to market is a major key to profitability for a product manufacturer. Traditionally, after the conceptual stage for a product has been established, much time and cost are associated with the remaining phases of the product design cycle. The main phases are: The most expensive and time-consuming … Read more

Online Software and 3D Printing Future

3d printing online software

If you type the phrase “Online 3D printing software” into an online search engine such as Google® or Yahoo®, a myriad of responses will come up. Without a doubt, 3D printing has become very popular within the CAD-driven community as well as in the non-technical community. Previously, the market for 3D printers belonged to 3D … Read more

Environmental Impacts of 3D Printing

3d printing Green 1

It is no secret that 3D printing, also called AM (Additive Manufacturing), has revolutionized the manufacturing industry because 3D printing provides several advantages and benefits over conventional manufacturing methods. A brief list highlights what some of these benefits are: Some of the advantages listed have to do with (a) reduced industrial waste, (b) less energy … Read more

3D Printers 21st Century CAD

3d printer success story

3D printing is in high demand because of its widespread use. If you are not familiar with 3D printing, here is a summary of some of the main dynamics that define its use and principle. What Is 3D Printing? 3D printing basically refers to the process of making a three-dimensional model using additive manufacturing. A … Read more

3D printed lamps into hearing aids with Absorblight

3D printed lamps

While the idea of repurposing 3D-printed lamps into hearing aids with Absorblight is an interesting concept, it’s important to address some limitations. Currently, 3D printing technology and Absorblight aren’t at a stage where they can create functional hearing aids. Here’s a revised article that explores the innovative concept behind Absorblight and the future potential of … Read more