Outsource 3D Printing CAD File Creation Services

3Dmatic is an Australian provider of CAD services support for mechanical, structural, architectural, and civil engineering verticals. Our team of CAD experts includes more than 80 full-time employees, including experienced engineers and certified CAD drafters.

3Dmatic’s 3D printing file creation services help individuals and 3D printing companies cut model-building time and cost without sacrificing quality. This enables you to scale models more quickly without hiring new employees.

3D Printing File Creation Services

Our exclusive and custom 3D printing services are readily adaptable to time-sensitive client needs:

  • 3D Printing Companies: Provides backend support for your 3D printing business, helping you reduce operating costs and meet tight project deadlines.
  • Architects: Visualizing your most creative ideas for architecture models is a snap when you outsource STL files for 3D printing to 3DMATIC.
  • Individuals: Focus on design with your model-making ideas, and let us complete the file creation process.
  • Real Estate Developers: Producing a 3D printing architecture file can be time-consuming and costly, especially when dealing with multiple development scenarios. We can reduce your timeline and save you money.

Exclusive 3D Printing File Creation Service for Furniture Industry

3Dmatic can help the furniture industry gain a competitive edge by streamlining 3D furniture modeling with our 3D printing file format services:

  • Furniture Design:Move swiftly from paper drawings to real prototype models with 3DMATIC’s 3D printable files.
  • Furniture Manufacturing:Reduce unnecessary and costly trial and error when using a 3D printing model by 3Dmatic.

Client Deliverables (Inputs)

Here is the short list of what 3DMATIC typically needs from our clients to get started — detailed drawings (can be hand-drawn sketches) and specifications for texture, color and finishes.

Our Output Capabilities for 3D Printing File Creation Services

3Dmatic can use any of the following file formats:

  • .STL
  • .OBJ
  • .WRL
  • .CTL

Pricing Options

3DMATIC can provide a pricing option that makes the most sense for your CAD service needs:

  • FTE (Full-Time Equivalent):This option is ideal for 3D printing business companies that want us to work exclusively and full-time when outsourcing to 3Dmatic.
  • Hourly:An ideal choice for architects and developers who want 3D printing file creation services in regular intervals from 3DMATIC.
  • Per File: For individuals, developers and architects with low-volume requirements, this pricing option is recommended.

Business Benefits by Outsourcing to 3Dmatic

3DMATIC offers at least seven cost-effective benefits when you outsource 3D printing file creation and other CAD services to us:

  • Team availability 24/7
  • 3D printing file compatibility for all 3D printers — including Proto3000 and EDEN350V
  • 3D printing file creation costs reduced by 40 to 75 percent vs other sources
  • Eliminate software upgrade costs
  • 14 years of experience involving advanced CAD services
  • Specialized expertise includes PolyJet 3D printing technology and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • No need to add additional infrastructure or workforce

3Dmatic Is Ready When You Are

One of the best reasons for outsourcing your 3D printing file creation and modeling needs to 3Dmatic is that we’re always ready to operate on your schedule. When you need our help, we’ll be ready!